Herman Bread

My adventures with Herman continue…

Having made two cakes and feeling guilty at the thought of potentially cooking a third, I decided to look around for other Herman recipes.  I found this one on the All Recipes website.

Herman Bread 1

I paid attention to the comments & used 2 tsp of salt instead of the 1 tbsp suggested.  I also needed to add more flour as they suggest.

Our flat was cold, so it took forever for the dough to rise!  I thought the finished loaf was going to be much denser than it actually was.  It rose more in the oven than bread usually does for me.  I use a silicone bread pan and it even bowed out slightly at the sides.

It took less time to cook than suggested, so best keep an eye on it if you give it a go!

The finished results were very tasty.  Slightly sweet with a definite sour dough flavour.  In fact, it was so tasty that I started to want another loaf of it!  Thankfully, I’d experimented with freezing the two left-over Herman portions I had from the last time.

Herman came back to life without any problems.  I took him out of the freezer yesterday and followed the advice I’d seen & fed him today as if it were day 4 of the process.  I might treat him now more like an ongoing sour dough mix & just feed him every now and again – and scoop out a cup or so the following day to use for a loaf or something else.

Herman Bread 2

It struck me that the Herman bread recipe looked very much like a regular bread recipe with added Herman, flour and salt.  With that in mind, my urge to experiment is prodding me to try making Herman cinnamon rolls…  Not just yet though – I should probably leave it a bit longer after all that cake!