Ice Cream Dessert

A month or so ago I was trying to find a dessert that would satisfy my nostalgic cravings for a Brown Derby (can’t link to it directly, but it’s in the clickable list of desserts on that page) without the stodge of the doughnut part of it.  I love it but it’s pretty much a meal in itself for me!

Anyway, I looked at the ingredients I had to hand and I came up with this:

ice cream 1

It’s Carte D’Or Chocolate Inspiration ice cream, with broken ginger snaps and chopped & roasted hazelnuts.  The results is a dessert that is surprisingly light yet satisfying.

Before you think I’ve been too carried away there – that’s a fairly small bowl!  The ginger snaps are only around 2 1/2 inches diameter and I used four or five of them.  I also don’t use much more than a single scoop of ice cream.  It’s just that the ice cream is scooped in thinner curls rather than one solid ball.  OK, so it’s still not exactly low calorie – but it’s better for me than the doughnut version!  I also use less ice cream than I do with a doughnut.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this particular combination of products with you in case it appealed to anyone else!  If it does – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

ice cream 2