Ginger Cookie Cake With Rum Buttercream & Candied Ginger

When I asked my husband whether he’d like a cake for his birthday, he said that he’d be happy if I made ginger cookies and stuck a candle in one of them.

I decided to give him the cookies he wanted, but to dress them up a bit for the occasion!

Birthday Cookie Cake

I used the excellent Big Soft Ginger Cookies recipe from (which, if you like ginger cookies, you should definitely try!)

When I made the cookies, I made three of them into giant cookies (I patted the mixture out flat and coated it in sugar, leaving space for it to spread. As long as you flatten it, you could probably make them as large as you want – but be aware that they will tend to fold and crack when you lift them from the tray (due to the ‘soft’ part of the recipe!)

A tip for this cookie recipe – when I make the cookies, I usually give them 8-10 minutes (closer to 8 if the oven is already hot) & I gave these ones 11 due to the size of the larger cookies. In general though, they are done once you get a very slight resistance if you gently rest a finger on one of the cookies. If you cook them till they are firm then you’ll overcook them, and they will lose a lot of the moistness and softness. It might take you a couple of goes to work out how long you need to leave them in the oven for to get them the way you want them – but you won’t mind that because they are so tasty!

Anyway, once you have your giant cookies, you can turn them into a cookie cake!

I made some rum buttercream icing to layer the cookies with. I used:

3oz salted butter (room temperature)
5oz icing sugar
2 tbsp dark rum

I stirred the ingredients together with a fork, then whisked it all up with an electric whisk. I made my icing layers about 3mm to 4mm thick, and had enough icing left to do another layer if I’d wanted. I decided that three layers would be enough for this cookie cake because of the richness of the buttercream, but you could make it with as many layers as you wanted. I then topped it with some candied ginger.

You could also make mini ones with regular sized cookies & serve them as individual desserts. 🙂